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 Kistler is the perfect partner for highly responsive combustion system measurement technology. The company offers a complete measuring chain service plus solutions for combustion diagnostics on the test bench, in the vehicle or in large diesel and gas engines. Our customers' differing requirements are reflected in the range of more than 2000 standard products for combustion engines.

Particular advantages for you:

1. The best solution for each individual application. This can mean precision, durability, miniaturization, absolute pressure indication, etc.

2. The sensor is always a proven standard product with the most suitable measuring element and packaging for your application.

3. The signal processing electronics naturally match both your application and the way you operate your facility.

4. From several families of products you choose your solution for:

• the highly automated development factory,
• the mobile in-vehicle testing needs,
• the flexible research laboratory or
• particularly robust stationary and ship engines.

Durable pressure sensors for extreme temperatures in engines.

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Our Range of Solutions for Engine Development

Kistler supplies a complete range revolving around engine measurement and development needs – from sensors to evaluation and indication. This includes service and calibration.



Pressure sensors



Crank angle sensor

KiBox® To Go

 Pressure sensors 

Variety of Sensors from Kistler 

The wide range of Kistler sensors reflects the multifaceted nature of engine development. From the miniature pressure sensor through to the water-cooled type for high-precision thermodynamic analyses. Equally unique are piezoresistive sensors for precise measurement of intake and exhaust manifold pressures.

Fuel pressure sensors

Kistler supplies absolute pressure sensors for use in fuel systems. The pressure range and dynamic response of these designs have been optimized for gasoline and diesel injection system applications.


 Miniature pressure sensors

These sensors are suitable for extremely compact mounting in high-power-density car engines, racing and small engines.

Precision pressure sensors, cooled

These are PiezoStar cylinder pressure sensors for extremely accurate thermodynamic analyses, friction loss investigations and combustion development.
» Temperature Conditioning Unit


Intake and exhaust

Kistler supplies high-temperature pressure sensors for use up to 200°C in the intake where the space available for mounting is limited. Water-cooled sensors and adapters withstanding temperatures of up to more than 1100°C are employed in the exhaust.
» Recommended sensors for
   measuring intake and exhaust

» Temperature Conditioning Unit

Measuring spark plugs

Kistler offers a broad selection of measuring plugs exactly matched to the specifications of the original spark plugs. Ranging from the M10 racing to the M14 standard version, they all position the sensor flush with the wall of the combustion chamber.


Glow plug adapters

These access the combustion chambers of diesel engines without any separate mounting bore. The glow plug adapter brings the pressure sensor to the cylinder pressure. Adapters with or without glow plug function are available.


Amplifiers from Kistler

For each application Kistler supplies a wealth of function-specific amplifiers covering all of the measurement requirements for combustion analysis.


Amplifier for piezoelectric sensors
These amplifiers convert the charge output of a piezoelectric sensor into a proportional voltage.

The charge output is used as an input variable for analysis systems, and can be digitized in an analog-to-digital (A/D) converter if necessary.

Amplifier for piezoresistive sensors
Connection of piezoresistive sensors requires a piezoresistive amplifier, which serves several functions:

• Supplies measuring bridge with constant current
• Amplifies bridge voltage
• Voltage or current output selectable

The amplifier output signals can be digitized in an analog-to-digital converter (ADC) if necessary.

Depending on the application and complexity, Kistler supplies:
Single-channel amplifier systems for measuring mechanical
  measurands (pressure, force or acceleration)
Multichannel amplifier systems for high-bandwidth signal conditioning.
  The perfect signal conditioning system for combustion analysis in internal
  combustion engines.
pMax module for continuous monitoring and measurement of
  peak cylinder pressure pmax in Diesel and gas engines.

Crank angle sensor

Crank Angle Sensors 

TDC sensor

The TDC system is used for dynamic determination of top dead center on piston engines. The TDC sensor Type 2629B... is used for dynamic determination of TDC with the engine cranked in unfired mode. It is mounted in the nozzle holder or spark plug bore of the engine. Accurate determination of TDC is an important basis for accurate engine combustion analysis.

Extremely robust precision crank angle encoder

The crank angle encoder set Type 2614A... serves as the basis of all measurements related to crank angle.

It consists of an angle encoder and matching electronics.

• Speed range 0 ... 20 000 rpm
• Suitable for cold start measurements
• Supplies LVDS signals with a resolution of 0,5 °/1°
• Durable, withstands high mechanical loading

The optional pulse multiplier Type 2614A4 can be used if TTL signals and additional resolutions are required. It provides resolutions down to 0,1° of CA and a second angle marks signal with a resolution of 1°.

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KiBox® To Go

Combustion analysis with the new KiBox To Go
Developers need to respond rapidly and flexibly during engine tuning or troubleshooting so as to be able to validate test bench results easily during over-the-road testing. The application engineer demands a supporting tool with a high level of functionality and processing power for use in the vehicle during and after the measuring run.

Indicating power to go!
The KiBox supplements Kistler's product range with a combustion analysis system specially designed for mobile use. Its transparent interfaces integrate all of the data acquisition hardware and software into a single unit. The software for data organization, analysis and visualization is linked to the usual application environment (e.g. INCA).

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